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HOT TIP for Technical Directors: Fire Your Software Development Team

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Your software development team is failing you. Here’s why you should fire them and take a fresh look at software development success factors.

Sometimes, technical directors find themselves in a tough spot.

The business they work for understands the need to be constantly evolving and to leverage technology to take the enterprise to the next level. So CEOs and business owners put pressure on technical directors to design and develop web-based applications that will somehow magically transform the business and make it instantly competitive with companies with far more advanced technological resources.

And all the technical director has is his or her in-house software development team.

Not up to the challenge 

This is not to suggest your in-house team lacks talent. But for a whole host of reasons, the team simply isn’t up to the challenge put in front of them. These reasons may include:

  • Not keeping pace with changes in information technology
  • Not having the time and/or resources to expand their skillset
  • Losing interest in the company’s core product line
  • Lacking the range of experience needed to get the job done

There may even be an emotional factor here: The technical director who’s recruited and trained the team sometimes grows too close to team members. They become friends with team members and no longer hold them accountable for meeting key business objectives.

Failed initiatives, cost overruns, internal disruption

In this scenario, the technical director moves ahead with the in-house team, hoping for the best. But the best doesn’t happen. Under-qualified and over-extended, the team:

  • Fails to hit key project milestones
  • Loses control of time
  • Incurs unforeseen expenses
  • And, because of glitches that go unnoticed due to faulty agile project management, causes potentially crippling delays in software development

In time, the technical director may find himself or herself on the chopping block.

A changed landscape

Gone are the days when in-house app developers could produce “acceptable” software for a growing company. With development and programming essentially in hyper-drive, business owners’ expectations are often sky-high. They see what others in the industry achieve with mobile apps, interface design, technical architecture and implementation, and ask, “Why aren’t we doing this?”

And all the technical director has is his or her in-house development team.

What do outsourced technical professionals bring to the table?

The time may have come to fire your team and seek an outsourcing solution instead. If so, you can make a compelling case for such a move: 

  • Technical design and staffing services specialize in software development. They know how to integrate new tools into an existing technology infrastructure or build complex software applications from scratch. It’s what they do.
  • They have the required processes and structures in place to develop the applications your business needs.
  • They often employ the most gifted and creative app developers in the field.
  • An outsource partner uses its collective knowledge to resolve challenging technical issues and provide a creative solution.

“In fact, many software outsourcing companies hold regular meetings, where team members share information on what they’re working on,” notes Forbes. “They share these insights and cross-pollinate information that can benefit the quality of each developer’s work.”

Bigger bang for your buck

Technical directors may find senior management pushing back on the outsourcing option because of a perception of significantly increased cost.

The truth is, the costs of sustaining an underperforming in-house team may be much higher. Consider all of the technology tools and resources that need to be purchased on a regular basis, the ancillary expenses related to recruiting, hiring and training team members and the added costs involved if and when a team member chooses to leave the company. 

By contrast, the best outsourced app development companies offer exceptional customer engagement and creative answers to your company’s technology challenges. They:

  • Leverage their knowledge and experience to drill down to what you really need in your business website or desktop platform.
  • Provide a collaborative approach, soliciting your input and keeping you informed of progress each step of the way.
  • Believe a solution is most effective when everyone has a stake in the process and everyone communicates within a well-defined structure.
  • Offer a single point of contact and are available 24/7.

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