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PDSA Announces a Complimentary Seminar on Project Planning

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PDSA announces an informative and instructive complimentary seminar on Project Planning to be[…]

What Makes a Developer Excellent?

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What makes some programmers stand above the rest? How can some programmers create wildly new and[…]

Locate an Address using Geocoding

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Very popular in many web and mobile applications today is the ability to locate an address on a[…]

Locate your IoT Device using Geocoding

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Many applications today have a need to show the user where they are, direct them to a specific[…]

PDSA Presents at DevIntersection April 18-21, Florida (Disney Swan Hotel)

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PDSA will be presenting several great sessions at the DevIntersection Conference to be held at[…]

New App Eliminates Spreadsheets, Increases Sales

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Vehicle Order System

Prior to the Vehicle Order System, dealers filled in spreadsheets and[…]

Portal Gives Partners Ability to See Order Status

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Merchant Portal

The Merchant Portal application is a website that merchant partners can use to[…]

Giving Executives What They Need with a Personal Dashboard

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PDSA was contracted to build many applications for various departments within a company. As more[…]

Eliminated Manual Process by Using Modern Web API's

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A new online ordering system was created for customers to order products and havethem shipped[…]

Poor up-front Definition of Requirements Is One of the Major Causes of Failed Software

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Yes, that's a fact! When the activity of defining requirements is either skipped or poorly[…]

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