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You may not know, but two principals at Fairway Technologies are published authors at Pluralsight is the leader in online technology courses. Paul D. Sheriff and Michael Krasowski have created over 20 courses covering topics from Project Management, Estimation to WPF, MVC and Angular. Check out the complete list of the courses produced to date.

Title Description Release Date
Building Reusable Angular Services: Logging Learn how to perform logging in Angular applications by creating a set of reusable log publishing classes. A log publishers service replaces console.log() making your logging much more flexible. 10/20/2017
Add Angular to MVC Applications Would you like to speed up your MVC or web form application? This course will show you how to add, or even replace, pages in an MVC application without affecting the rest of your application. 07/25/2017
Basics of Unit Testing for C# Developers Every developer needs to test their code or have it tested by someone. In this course, you'll learn how to start unit testing to improve the quality of your applications. 01/23/2017
Building Business Components using AngularJS In this course you will learn how to convert two MVC pages to AngularJS step-by-step. 01/23/2017
The Journey from MVC to AngularJS Wouldn't you like to move your MVC pages to AngularJS to increase your web page performance, and to make your web pages quicker and more maintainable? This course will guide you step-by-step to this goal. 07/22/2016
Build an HTML Helper Library for ASP.NET MVC 5 Creating your own HTML Helpers simplifies your MVC coding when working with Bootstrap and HTML 5. Moving this code into Helpers can reduce the runtime errors and CSS errors you might otherwise encounter. 01/05/2016
Consolidating MVC Views using Single Page Techniques Simplify and improve the testability and reusability of your MVC applications through the use of the Single Page Application idiom and MVVM techniques. 10/9/2015
Extending Bootstrap with CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Bootstrap gives us some awesome primitives for creating some good looking user interfaces. However, today's users demand more creative UI widgets. In this course, you will learn to create several UI widgets step-by-step. 6/11/2015
Build your own Bootstrap Business Application Template in MVC This course will instruct you on how to build your own Bootstrap application template in MVC. Having your own MVC template allows you to create applications quicker and with more features. 1/29/2015
Building Mobile Web Sites Using Web Forms, Bootstrap, and HTML5 This course is specifically designed for the Web Forms developer who wants to learn to build modern, responsive, web applications. You can use Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery within Web Forms. 8/28/2014
How to Start and Run A Consulting Business Have you ever wanted to break out of the corporate life and be your own boss? In this course you will learn what it takes to start and be successful in your own consulting business. 9/12/2013
The Many Approaches to XML Processing in .NET Applications LINQ to XML makes working with XML documents easy. You can use XML instead of a SQL database for small amounts of data. 7/22/2013
WPF for the Business Programmer There are so many cool things you can do with WPF that would be impossible or very difficult with Windows Forms. In this course you will see some creative ways to use the WPF List Box. 6/13/2009
WPF for the Visual Basic Programmer - Part 1 This course is specifically designed for the Visual Basic programmer and will get you up to speed quickly with WPF. 12/16/2013
WPF for the Visual Basic Programmer - Part 2 This course is specifically designed for the Visual Basic programmer and will get you up to speed quickly with WPF. 2/18/2014
Practical Team Management for Software Engineers This course teaches you the skills and guidance to immediately make a practical impact on your team management capabilities. You'll learn how to be more effective at developing processes to manage and lead your team. 5/19/2017
Leadership and Communication Skills for Software Engineers Want to immediately make an impact on your leadership and communication capabilities? Whether you are a software engineer or a team leader, this course will help you be effective at teamwork as well as leading and managing people. 5/13/2016
Best Practices for Project Estimation Learn the fundamentals, basic tools, and agile techniques that can be used to enhance your project estimation skills. 12/8/2014
Best Practices for Requirements Gathering Learn the fundamentals, basic tools and techniques and how agile techniques can be used to enhance your requirements gathering skills. 11/7/2013
Project Management for Software Engineers This course covers the fundamentals of project management that every developer needs to know regardless of architecture, platform, tools, or language. 7/22/2015
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