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The Origins of Culture

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Where does your company's culture come from?

I had an interesting conversation with our HR manager[…]

When is perfect perfect enough?

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In 2012, by some crazy stroke of luck I was invited to participate in the Diablo III Beta[…]

Upgraded Software Speeds Ramp-Up Time, Boosts Quantity of Students Who Can Participate in Common Core Testing

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What's the deal with Material Design?

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This year Google released their very own design language, in an effort to unite their growing[…]

"Computer hacks, attacks, and outages" an interview with Tom Sanders by Bronson Tang

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With the recent, and unfortunately all too common computer attacks on major companies, I thought[…]

Can Google Rid the World of Cyberattacks?

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According to recent reports, a new team at Google is aiming to be the cybersecurity superheroes[…]

High-Tech Gadgets To Spice Up Your Summer Grill

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Attention grill masters! Summer has officially arrived, and with it comes the time-honored[…]

How to Take Fireworks Pics That Don’t Completely Suck

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With the fourth of July holiday upon us, we felt it was our duty to help our fellow Americans[…]

High Tech Breathing?

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As a part-time yoga instructor, I’m constantly reminding students to breathe. I'm not talking[…]

The World Cup Goes High Tech

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The World Cup is in full force, and there’s even more impressive technology behind the world’s[…]

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