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The Origins of Culture

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Where does your company's culture come from?

I had an interesting conversation with our HR manager[…]

When is perfect perfect enough?

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In 2012, by some crazy stroke of luck I was invited to participate in the Diablo III Beta[…]

Newsflash: Mom leaves tech job at 5p.m.

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Hardly a newsworthy story, or at least so I thought before reading this article about Facebook[…]

Corporate videos: viral boon or epic fail?

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We've all seen the Superbowl ads where corporate behemoths use extreme sports, rubberized[…]

A Decade of Fairway

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Has it really been 10 years?  It certainly doesn't seem like it, but judging by the desolate[…]

The Audacity of Nope

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The technology industry and indeed the world lost a titan of the modern technology pantheon[…]

Sign of the Times

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"Dear humorless curmudgeons of La Jolla, please holster your shaking fists momentarily while I have[…]

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