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Keep Your Software Up-To-Date

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Yes, it is always a struggle to keep your software up-to-date, but it is vital that you do so.[…]

Generate Better Code, Faster!

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Are you or your developers writing stored procedures by hand? Are they creating duplicate CRUD[…]

Extend Classes using Extension Methods

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Extension methods allow you to add your own custom method to an existing type. While this seems[…]

Generics Eliminate Duplicate Code

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 Prior to .NET 2.0 when you needed a single method to work with different data types the only[…]

String Handling Tips

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 When working with strings, you should take advantage of certain classes and methods to avoid[…]

An Alternative to HTML Tables

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I have long had a problem with using HTML tables to display data to the user. I have an even[…]

Use LINQ to XML Instead of a Database

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When people think of having to store data for their applications, a database such as SQL Server[…]

8 Questions to Ask to Determine if you should be in the Cloud

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Everyone wonders if they should be moving to the cloud. Here are 8 starter questions you should[…]

Using MVVM in MVC Applications – Part 2

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This blog post continues from where the last blog post left off. You are going to learn to search[…]

Using MVVM in MVC Applications – Part 1

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This blog post is the first in a series of four posts to discuss how to use a[…]

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