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August 28, 2017 | Paul D. Sheriff

Displaying a Wait Message on an MVC Page

When a user clicks on a button on a web page, there can be a delay between posting back to the server and the next action that happens on the screen. The problem with this delay is the user may not know they actually clicked on the button and tries to hit the button again. It is important to give immediate feedback to the user so they know that the application is doing something. This post will show you how to disable the button, display a pop-up message and gray out the background before the post back happens thereby providing feedback to our user.

June 14, 2013 | Jeff Treuting

Simple Scheduled Task Runner For a .NET Web Application

While developing a web application, a common requirement is to run some sort of code every night or every hour to do some processing behind the scenes.  For example, let's say you need to pull content from an external web service every hour.  There are many different ways to accomplish this, but depending on your exact needs and how "mission critical" the tasks are, some ways are better than others.

In the past, I've developed custom Windows Services, used the "Cache Expiration" technique, setup a Task Scheduler to send NServiceBus messages, and more.  There are pros and cons for each of these.  In this post, I'll show a simple console application that you can use to schedule multiple tasks within Windows Task Scheduler.


Here is my example scenario:

  • Every hour pull content from a third party web service
  • Every night send a usage report to administrators
  • Every night send membership expiration warning emails
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