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What Are Your Options for Building a Technology Dream Team?

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IT departments are under more strain than ever. Technologies are changing all the time and it’s a challenge for IT departments to stay up to speed. In an increasingly competitive workforce, businesses must leverage state of the art technologies to stay ahead. The IT director is often tasked with spurring technological innovation and keeping the company ahead of the curve by using the latest techniques in software development, mobile applications, website design, application integration, and more. This begs an important question: who will help them get all the IT staffing done?

IT directors have several options for assembling their technology “dream team.” Let’s take a look at the most common:

In-House Staffing

The first, and most obvious option, is to seek your IT help in-house. This involves interviewing, training, and selecting members of your IT team based on thorough research and an examination of each individual’s qualifications and ability to mesh with the company culture. While in-house hiring can be advantageous if you find loyal and motivated talent, the process of hiring, training, and retaining employees can be more costly than other options. A recent study by a leading multi-national technology staffing firm found 70% of IT leaders struggle to retain in-house talent, so keep that in mind when fulfilling your staffing needs.

Staffing Agencies or In-House Temps

Companies can seek help from staffing agencies to fill their IT needs as they see fit. In theory, temp agency candidates come fully vetted, so training or background checking should be minimal. In exchange for a “recruitment fee” or commission, companies don’t have to worry about the internal overhead costs of hiring an employee. 

Freelancers/Independent Contractors 

IT directors can choose to hire workers who offer their services as freelancers. These contractors are free to pursue work with multiple companies at a time, and don’t necessarily have loyalty to your company or its goals. Freelancers also don’t have a company backing them up if needed, there is a single point of failure. On the other hand, they don’t require in-house training or benefits, which many companies see as a big advantage.

Offshore/Nearshore Staffing

Another common way to fulfill IT needs is to outsource the job to offshore or nearshore companies. While this option may seem more cost-effective, there are potential problems with communication barriers and time zone issues, which can lead to potential delays in your projects. Also, this option still requires significant oversight from expert onshore resources to succeed. Lastly, a lack of face-to-face contact also decreases the amount of accountability your IT staff has on a daily basis. 

Software Development Consultancy

Software development consultancies provide specific expertise for a predetermined length of time and for a specific purpose. For example, your company may need help to manage an integration of particular applications or oversee the launch of a new CRM. A software development consultancy firm can send highly skilled technical experts to provide the help you need, when you need it. This form of staffing will provide complete solutions, be highly collaborative, and focus solely on solving your toughest business problem. Software development consultants also ensure their knowledge doesn’t leave when the project ends. By collaborating with the internal team and documenting everything clearly and centrally, domain knowledge stays relevant long after the consultants are done. You’re not paying for more than you need, and you can change the nature of your working relationship as your needs evolve. 

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