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What Should I Look for When Hiring New Technology Talent?

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Every business owner should appreciate how significant the hiring and onboarding process is to the health of the company. When it comes time to hire new technology talent, it’s crucial to weigh the candidates carefully. Investing in the right people is the best way to ensure the future of your company, so Fairway Technologies wants to help you make these crucial decisions with greater confidence. Consider the following tips so you know what to look for when doing any technology hiring.

Critical Thinking

Technology is constantly evolving. New solutions to problems arise every day, and it takes serious critical thinking ability to apply the newest trends and technologies to maximum effect. If you are perusing resumes from potential tech hires, look for specific instances of complex problem-solving skills, thinking outside of established solutions, and creativity. These are all signs of a candidate who has the reasoning power to help your company push through roadblocks.

Shared Values

Your company should have and maintain a set of core values that resonates with your business model, your company culture, your customers, and your long-term goals for the company. Look for new hires who are passionate about what they do and seem genuinely excited to work for you. The younger generation entering the workforce is much more socially conscious than past generations. Young professionals today typically prefer flexibility, team-oriented environments, and corporate social responsibility over competitive compensation packages and rigid schedules. 

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Communication is faster than ever and a major change in the tech world can spread like wildfire and impact countless industries very quickly. Your new hires should have the ability to quickly shift gears and refocus their resources on the fly without losing sight of your company’s big picture. Agility goes hand in hand with adaptability, so look for candidates that have proven they react well to sudden changes.


Technology is a fast-paced industry with no signs of slowing. New advancements shake up consumer markets on a regular basis. Hire tech professionals who seem eager to climb through the ranks of the industry and make their mark on the technology world. An ambitious new hire is one who will go to their limits to help the company excel. 


Curiosity and a passion for technology should be absolute requisites. Technology demands a constant willingness to learn. Candidates who are passionate about their field and eager to put their talents to work are perfect for growing companies. Passionate people who feel like part of something bigger are more likely to succeed, so look for people who are genuinely excited at the possibility of working for you.

Ultimately, you know your company better than anyone, and you should be able to trust your instincts during the hiring process. Onboarding is a difficult process and hiring wisely is critical. Spending the time training new hires can be a significant expense if they keep leaving after a few months, and the appearance of a “revolving door” of employees isn’t good for your brand image. If you want to hire with added confidence, use our proven formula for building technology dream teams with this FREE online assessment tool. 

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