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Celebrating Fairway Women in Tech

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March 5, 2019

To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, we wanted to honor a few of the amazing women who work at Fairway. (And there are many! With 50% of leadership positions being filled by women, we are on the right track.) But, we can all do better at encouraging diversity in tech and every other industry. It’s strange that only a few generations ago, one in four people in computer programming were women. The thing is: diversity is not important for diversity’s sake. Studies have found that diverse workplaces perform better financially. And if tech is for everyone, shouldn’t it be designed by everyone? We think so.

So, without further ado, here are a few of the incredible women at Fairway in their own words.


QA Director 

How did you get started in tech?

I had a Commodore 64 growing up and my junior high offered a programming class in BASIC (the popular language at the time) which was my introduction into software. I used to get a kick out of writing simple programs that would argue and make jokes. In college, I majored in Cognitive Science while also working at the San Diego Super Computer Center at UCSD, writing perl scripts to help manage job queues. My cog sci education paired nicely with my software interests and skills, resulting in a career in Quality Assurance. I love working in QA as it allows me to consider the various user perspectives and mindsets, whilst also exercising my software knowledge.

Outside of tech, what do you like about working at Fairway?

Fairway strives to hire only the best people, and the end result of that is my favorite aspect of working here. Everyone I work with is intelligent, thoughtful, and always ready to lend a hand or mind to any problem one may have.

Favorite woman role model?

My mother is definitely my favorite and most influential role model, with my grandmother as a close second. They are both confident and intelligent women, who demonstrated how to confidently conduct oneself in a professional manner while also maintaining humor and kindness in a work setting. Historically, I’ve always appreciated Marie Curie as she overcame poverty and adversity to become an intellectual professional in the late 1800s and early 1900s, which is a feat few women were able to achieve during those times.

Favorite thing to do outside work?

I enjoy being out in nature, whether it be my weekly visits to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park or going for a hike. San Diego—and California in general—has so many gorgeous places to walk and hike, and the weather makes almost all weekends great ones to explore new places.


Principal Developer

How did you get started in tech?

It was actually my mother who suggested I pursue a career in technology. She saw that “computers” were taking off in a big way, and with my interest in Mathematics and Physics she felt that it would be a good fit. She was right! I declared a major in Computer Science and followed a pretty straight path from there to my first job as a junior programmer analyst.

Favorite types of projects to work on?

Transformative projects that help people perform their day-to-day work more efficiently are among my favourite type of project to work on.

Favorite languages to work in?


Outside of tech, what do you like about working at Fairway?

The people I get to work with are the best part of working at Fairway. They are among the most brilliant and genuine group of people I’ve had the pleasure of working with!

Favorite thing to do outside work?

I love to read, and one of my favourite things to do outside of work is dive into an epic science fiction or fantasy book from my favourite authors. I am also a new mother, and spending time with my 6-month-old daughter and navigating motherhood is one of the great joys of my life. 

What’s your favorite place you’ve been in the world and why?

Canada. It became my second home and where I learned how to become comfortable and proud in my own skin.

Favorite woman role model?

Michelle Obama

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Nigeria until the age of 16 when I emigrated to the U.S. to study and later on to Canada with the rest of my family.

What’s your superpower? 

I’m an introvert, it is so useful having good observation and listening skills!



Creative Director

How did you get started in tech?
I didn’t have a clear path right away. I studied media which covered, film, art history, photography, programming, graphic design, sound editing and more. With such a broad major, I didn’t see a clear direction. I asked teachers and friends who were getting involved in internet companies their thoughts and happily found an internship as a web designer. It wasn’t long before I found my love of interactivity design and collaborating with programmers to build really cool things. 

Outside of tech, what do you like about working at Fairway? 
Fairway is a magical place where smart people are encouraged to play, experiment and share their ideas. The “No Jerks” culture encourages ego-free collaboration and makes for some incredible synergy between folks.  

Favorite thing to do outside work?
Life/work balance is important to me, that’s why I spend a lot of time outside. I ride my bike, do yoga, hike with my dogs, and ski locally or travel to other countries to do all those things and hopefully get to learn about other cultures. Although I do this to take a mental break, unexpectedly I end up finding so much inspiration for the work I do along the way.

What’s your superpower? 
I love design, I’m confident in my work and experience, but I’m not married to my opinion. I love to hear other perspectives or interpretations of what I have created. Best practices and experience drive my design, but I’m also always fascinated to hear the response my work invokes in others. I find that with an outside viewpoint that I can learn more about users, the world overall, generational mindsets, possible upcoming trends and more. 

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