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Keep Your Software Up-To-Date

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Yes, it is always a struggle to keep your software up-to-date, but it is vital that you do so. Microsoft and Apple upgrade their operating systems every couple of years. Sometimes, when they do this, they break compatibility with their older operating system (OS). While this might be fine for most software, sometimes it does cause older software running on the new OS to break. If you have older software such as software written using Visual Basic 6 or earlier, FoxPro, PowerBuilder, and others, this means you are at risk of your software no longer working.

SIDEBAR: In late 2017 two new viruses appeared on the scene; Meltdown and Spectre. These viruses attacked vulnarabilities identified in CPUs. Thus, these viruses attack Microsoft and Apple OS's equally. Thus, no time is better than now to make sure you have applied the latest service packs to your operating systems as both companies have updated their OS's to mitigate these threats.

So, you might be thinking that you can just require your customers to run on the older operating systems. This might work for a couple of years, but at some point, your customers are going to want to, or need to, upgrade to the new OS. In fact, they may have to as Microsoft and Apple no longer support the older OS. There can be very serious consequences for not upgrading such as security risks. In today’s world with identity theft on the rise, people need to take every precaution to keep their computers safe. Staying current on the new OS versions is one way to stay safe.

You have a lot of time and money invested in your old software, and rewriting it can be an extensive undertaking. However, when you look at the alternative that your software no longer works, and you can no longer run your business, or your customers no longer purchase your software, how much is that worth? Could your business fail because of old software? This could be a real possibility.

So, the time to be looking at updating your software to new versions of .NET or Java is now, not when it stops working on a new OS release. By the time it stops working, you might not have enough time to rewrite before all your customers move on and you are now out of business.

Fairway Technologies can assist you with the migration of your old software to the most up-to-date languages and platforms. Call us today for a free consultation and let us help guide you on your path to new software that will last for years to come.

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