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New Features in CSS 3: A Three-Part Video Series

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Fairway Technologies presents a three-part video series on learning about new features in CSS 3. In this three-part series, you’ll learn to use the new layout options in CSS 3 to help you create responsive design layouts without using Bootstrap or any other CSS library. You’ll also learn to manipulate DOM elements using functions, transforms, and transitions. Finally, we’ll show you how to use some of the new styles CSS 3 provides including Media Queries, Pseudo classes, Text effects, Filters, Rounded corners, Drop shadows, and Gradients.

Join us on the Fairway YouTube channel at the links below for a quick dive into CSS 3 and get more tools for creating responsive UI!

New Features in CSS 3 – Part 1: Working With CSS 3 Layout Options

New Features in CSS 3 – Part 2: Element Manipulation Using CSS

New Features in CSS 3 – Part 3: Style Techniques in CSS 3

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