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Pluralsight Video Released: Security In Angular using JSON Web Tokens

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On April 2, 2018, Paul D. Sheriff released his 17th Pluralsight course entitled: “Angular Security Using JSON Web Tokens.” For a short trailer about this course visit

Angular Security Using JSON Web Tokens

Applications must take security into account, and Angular applications are no exception. In this course, you will create authentication and authorization systems that can be used on both the client and server side. First, you will learn how Angular applications must have secure UI elements on the client side, and also how to secure your Web API calls on the server side. Then, you will use Angular, Visual Studio Code, JSON Web Tokens, claims, roles, and a .NET Core Web API to secure your Angular applications. By the end of this course, you’ll know exactly how to implement a flexible, claims-based security system that you can use in Angular application of all sizes.

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