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Poor up-front Definition of Requirements Is One of the Major Causes of Failed Software

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Yes, that's a fact! When the activity of defining requirements is either skipped or poorly performed, the resulting application software just does not meet your customer's requirements.

Successful software development is often hindered by:

  1. The poor state of the process of requirements analysis. Most organizations do not have any rigor or process to gather requirements, resulting in vague imprecise requirements.
  2. The artifacts that make up the requirements (i.e. documentation). The results of the analysis (AKA artifacts) are thrown together and not easy to read or follow.
  3. The ability of the business analyst(s). Not everyone is cut out to be an analyst. It can take great skill in understanding the business, working with customers and knowing the technical inclinations.

The business analyst or consultant must also address and understand:

  1. Who will be the real system users?
  2. What are users' needs and expectations?
  3. How well is the problem domain understood?
  4. How rigorously, accurately and succinctly are the requirements captured in the specification document?

So, if you need help...we are here for you.

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